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Chemical Peels

Our chemical peels can be done every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the strength of the peel, as well as the client's skin tolerance. Chemical peels are a great option to assist with overall tone, texture, cell turnover, and general maintenance of the skin. Call us to see what peel would be best for you!

Level I   $104

Lightening Peel
Hydra Radiance Peel
Signature Peel

Level II   $124

Advanced Acne Peel
O2 Oxygenating Peel
Wrinkle Recovery Peel

Level III   $139

Beta Clarity Peel
Forte Lightening Peel
Forte Skin Perfecting Peel
Forte Wrinkle Recovery Peel
Triple Transformation Peel
GlyPro Peel


Melasma Peel 

***Requires Consultation***
Discoloration and pigmentation irregularities will dissolve and fade through this treatment and your complexion will look brighter and more even overall. Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder that causes brown patches to appear on the skin, primarily on the face. Melasma can be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or from sun exposure. This pharmaceutical grade technology is an immediate way to brighten your skin and simultaneously treat a variety of issues.
***Best benefits are seen after 3 treatments***

Melasma Peel Single Tx - 30 Minutes     $220

Melasma Peel 1/2 Face - 15 Minutes     $170

Melasma Peel Eye Area - 15 Minutes     $95

Post Treatment Safety:
After your melasma peel, you will be sent home with a kit of pharmaceutical grade skincare products to care for and hydrate your skin in the days following your treatment, taking the guessing out of what to use on your skin post-treatment.
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